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Naruto Goodfic

Finding the good stuff so you don't have to.

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Naruto Goodfic: Finding the good stuff so you don't have to.

The great thing about fanfiction is that anyone can write it. The bad thing about fanfiction is that anyone can write it.

In an attempt to save Naruto fanfiction writers and readers from having to spend all their time separating the literary wheat from the chaff, winter_hermit (WinterOfOurDiscontent), duelist (kimi no vanilla), and nezumiko (Nezuko) have established this community.

The premise is simple. Email us (at narutogoodfic@gmail.com) with your LJ username and a link to your stories, or the LJ username and link to stories of a writer you think deserves to be in here. We read the stuff and vote yea or nay. If accepted, you/they can post to the community when you/they write new works, or pimp old ones. And, of course, recommend more writers for us to invite. We're hoping it'll become a vicious cycle.

If you're not accepted, you're free to apply again, but please wait at least two months between applications.

So what are we looking for?
  • Spelling.
  • There is NO EXCUSE for not using a spellcheck. Or for using internet abbreviations in lieu of real words and phrases.
  • Grammar.
  • It is a BAD THING if we can't tell what's going on or it hurts our brains. (Also, it's not spelled 'grammer'. Unless you're talking about Kelsey.)
  • Plot.
  • We're looser about this one, but if there is one, we'd like it to make sense within the context of what we know of the Narutoverse.
  • Characterization.
  • Are the actions of the canon character(s) consistent with the anime/manga? If not, does it make sense within the context of the story?
  • No fangirl Japanese.
  • Suffixes and other things that don't translate are okay, if you are 150% sure how to use them. Otherwise -- it's often wrong, sometimes misspelled, and always distracting. All of the mods understand Japanese to varying degrees, and we will know.
  • No Mary Sues.
  • Seriously. Ever. Just… no. You’re welcome to have OCs, but that new character with the three bloodline limits, luxurious mane of odd-coloured hair and mismatched, sparkling eyes that the canon characters instantly fall for? Yeah, that one. NO.

Basically, we're looking for quality writing. That's about it.


We're open to all pairings and none, yaoi and yuri and het. Hell, Kakashi/Pakkun is welcome here, if it's done well. Please be nice and don't rain on anyone else's OTP.

Posting rules

Once you've joined, post links to your stories using this format (you can just copy and paste):

And if you just want to read, please feel free to watch this community. It's a great way to find new authors and stories.