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Dec. 14th, 2008 | 03:44 pm
posted by: jbmcdragon in narutogoodfic

Title: The Copy Ninja
Author: JBMcDragon
Rating: PG-13 for innuendo and the occasional curse word. The epilogue, which can be avoided without missing any story, is rated NC-17.
Status: Written, will be posted once a week over the next 7.
Genre: Drama, I guess, with a heavy dose of comedy and sarcasm. Mild KakaIru (until the end, when it's no longer mild. *grins*)
DISCLAIMER: I do not own these characters, nor am I making any money off of them. They belong to Kishimoto, to my knowledge, or maybe Toykopop or something. Just not me. Used without permission, and not for profit.


I have written a het paranormal romance novel, and you should buy it! :D Support a fanfic author so I can write full time and then write more fanfic, too. Yessss. :D www.jbmcdonald.com
What? I'll put the summary up next time. ;)

The Copy Ninja 1/6
The Copy Ninja 2/6
The Copy Ninja 3/6
The Copy Ninja 4/6

The Copy Ninja 5/6

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